[Departed solo] XCub prep @X51 - 230000ZAPR19

I’m very excited about the announcement of the Xcub, so I am hopping in the Super D for some practice around South Florida followed by a flight over to the Bahamas.

2300z-2355z: Practice taxiing, takeoff, flight, and landing.

0000z: Fly to the Bahamas. See Route.

  • Aircraft and Livery:

Super D

  • Route: X51-MYCC-MYX4-MYXH and onward as desired

  • Time of Departure: See schedule. Bahamas trip begins at 0000z.

  • Server: Training

This is training so “experts” are encouraged to join as well.

This is less than an hour from now.

It’s now. Did I do something wrong?

No. @WestJet737767 made a mistake with his times and the fact that Zulu time is in England and that England is 6 hours ahead of his time zone.

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@WestJet737767 & @baseball_inferno The current time is 2327Z April 22, 2019. His event starts in 33 mins. Its not the 23rd yet at GMT.


Like I said, thank you.

Hey @WestJet737767, come fly!

Well, this is embarrassing, getting a post deleted… :/
My bad, forgot to factor daylight savings time


It happens to all of us at some point. Don’t worry.

Do worry! Make sure you’re correct before trying to correct others, especially when you are not a moderator or staff member.


Thought I’d spice things up, had to go though

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