DEPARTED Shanghai to Dalian Group Flight!

Shanghai to Dalian Group Flight
Hi and thanks for stopping by! I haven’t post anything in a long time. I will be hosting a group flight on October 14th and this group flight will be the first thing I post in a while.
In this flight we’ll be flying from Shanghai’s Hongqiao Airport to Dalian’s Zhoushuizi Airport! Both very nice Chinese airports.

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA)🇨🇳

Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport (DLC) 🇨🇳

Event Details

Time and date: 2023-10-15T01:00:00Z2023-10-15T02:45:00Z

Origin: ZSSS

Destination: ZYTL

Server: Training

Flight Time: 01:40

Flight Plan: Please copy @SamB777’s flight plan

Fuel: 8,300 kg

Cruising Altitude: 26,600 ft


China Eastern Airlines Airbus A320-200

Gate Assignments

Departure Gate Landing Gate User
269 24 @2552129
270 23 @SamB777
271 22 @ILoveJay
272 21 @Haige0224
273 20

Shanghai Hongqiao Ground:
Shanghai Hongqiao Tower:
Dalian Zhoushuizi Tower:
Dalian Zhoushuizi Ground:


  • Follow ATC instructions
  • We are not responsible any violations
  • If no ATC is not present use Unicom
  • Have fun!
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Anyone wants to join?

Might consider it… looks good!

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Thanks for looking!

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Bro I’m definitely in!

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Welcome to the community 129!!! (Dog head) I’ll assign you to gate 269.

Anyone else?

Sorry, I can thorn because of the time. If you do like a 6-7Pm EST i might be able to i’m so sorry

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It’s fine. I’ll host one of that next time. :)

Oh ok, I’ll try to message you some times i can do. With school, School soccer, More soccer and baseball teams, I have no time. (Also i have a wedding this week,Why do i not have time?)

Also i’m still in Grade 2☹️

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Roger that (doge

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Wow, very busy. Hope you get to grade 3! I’ll always host training server group flights!

Guys please join if you can

Anyone? ……

Why can’t anyone come? :(

You might want to wait some time. It is probably because it isn’t at an ideal time for those in the western hemisphere. It is 1 a.m. in the UK and in the evening in the US. This schedule is good for those in Asia.

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I’ll try to change the time next event. :)

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You don’t have to, since there aren’t many events at an appropriate time for Asia users, it’s good to have events at this time.

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Maybe I’ll go all. I could do one in the appropriate for Europe, America and Asia.

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Anymore people?

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