[Departed] Savannah Flyout

Spawning in!

Spawning in my Thing is N1234

Which runway are we using?

Why are you taxiing through the terminal?

We are using runway 10

@Jayden_Castillo what are you doing? You are taxiing through everything and you don’t even have a FPL.

Thank you!

I am pushing in 20 minutes

Nobody is leaving yet.

im just spawing in

@RagonDragon @SAVRamper @Klas892 @the_ding @RagonDragon @AirCanada11 @Csnake @DeltaStan you might want to spawn in

Bro that was not me I was afk then someone

IK I am pushing in 20 minutes.

Ok no problem

Is this you flying now?

Yes I am waiting for Taxing

You can’t pushback without permission

Oh I will go back to normal

Pushbacks will now be approved

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I am pushing in 8 minutes