[Departed] Savannah Flyout

Event is tomorrow!

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Event is in a few hours! Let’s get any final signups if you are still interested


I’ll take FBO4 TBM930

Roger that! Ill get you signed up

I am so sorry for how “Last minute” this is but I unfortunately can’t make it, I am very busy today.

Ok, completely understand! Sorry you can’t make it

ONE HOUR until the event! Start spawning in 50 minutes

I can’t wait!

I will spawn in 20 minutes

Roger that!

Everyone should start spawning in 15

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Yo butter I got good news

What is it?

I just got my subscription again

I will spawn now

I will be joining the Long Beach

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Ok, you can post that in that thread tho

i am just spawing in

Ima see what I got in this

I flew in :D gonna turn around