[Departed] Savannah Flyout

Event Announcement

This event will still be held on next Saturday but due to external events conflicts in my life the time of this event may be pushed forward by a few hours. I will announce the new date once I know what works for me. Thanks and sorry everyone for the inconveniences.

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just for @Butter575
Add the air dominance rampsssssss

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OMG I am so sorry. I’ll add them in rn

Lol thanks

Lol @Butter575 why are you forgetting things

Lol I have no idea

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Alright they have been added

If I could “un” sign up for this please since I’m on the air dominance now,

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One Week until the event

Can I take this?

Yep. I’ll get you signed up

Let’s get some more signups

Event Announcement

Due to conflicts, the time of this event has been pushed forward to 2022-09-24T20:00:00Z. Please repress the going option

Sorry i wont come

Ok sorry you can’t make it

I want this gate pls
Callsign: United 4403

You are signed up!

Event Announcement

All terminal gates are filled! Thank you everyone for signing up

I can’t wait for this flyout!