[DEPARTED] SAS Virtual Presents: Heading Northbound @ 101610ZMAY20

Welcome to another event organized by SAS Virtual Group!

During these times when many are staying at home and most of the flights are canceled. We intend to do just the opposite and gather together for another group flight! Join us and fly to Norway’s capital Oslo from Denmark’s Copenhagen!

Although many departures have been canceled, there are still some routes that must continue to operate as important infrastructure, including the traffic between the Scandinavian capitals. We will therefore in this event fly between Copenhagen and Oslo. Did you know that Norway is the country in Europe with the most air traffic during corona? That is because it is difficult to get by car or train between the Norwegian cities since the terrain consists of many deep fjords and high mountains.

Our membership in Star Alliance Virtual enables all Star Alliance pilots to participate with their own VA callsign. TGV and NSV pilots will also be able to log the flight as codeshare. All other Star Alliance pilots should check with their own va before logging anything.

Route: Copenhagen, Denmark – Oslo, Norway

Aircraft: SAS A320, SAS 737-700/800, SAS Retro A319 or SAS CRJ900. We recommend you to use the SAS A320 as the real flight will be operated by an A320neo.

Server: Expert Server
Cruising altitude - TBD
Cruising speed: M0.78
Copy flight plan from @Isgrena
Runway in use: 22L/04R (depends on weather)
Planned departure - 10 May, 16:10z
Planned arrival - 10 May, 17:15z
Flight time: ~ 1:05h

Cruising altitude, charts, runaway in use, and more will be announced a few hours before the event starts.

  • Please spawn at least 10 minutes prior to departure to secure your spot. If taken, spawn at a nearby stand.

  • Expect delays during departure.

  • ATC will most likely be present, be patient and follow their instructions.

  • Callsign is a pilot discretion, but we’d recommended to use Scandinavian*** or “SAS”.
    Star Alliance Virtual pilots should use their own VA callsign, SAS Virtual pilots must use their VA callsign.

Gate NO Aircraft Callsign Pilot
A4 A320 NSV010 @DanG387
A6 A320 NSV011 @TH0MAS
A7 A320 TGV1006 @Emmanuel_Mgilane
A8 A320 NSV1304O @Mar350
A9 A319 TGV102 @Bangkok_VTBS
A11 A320 TGV101 @samdog27
A12 A320 TGV1001 @S1AM
A14 Optional N/A Reserved for TGV
A15 A320 NSV1904V @varunsehdev
A17 Optional N/A Reserved for NSV
A18 Optional N/A N/A
A20 Optional N/A N/A
B3 A320 OY-DHL @DannyHL
B5 A320 Scandinavian 730 @Finlandflyer
B6 A320 SASV064 @Rage0001
B7 A320 SASV055 @Pilot_DK1
B8 A320 SASV047 @Heart777
B9 A320 SASV350 @Lawin_S
B10 B737 SASV014 @Alexandre
B16 A320 SASV003 @axeand
B19 CRJ9 UVAL224 @United2
D1 A320 SASV001 @Isgrena
D2 B738 UVAL297 @Amrlazer
D3 A320 SASV006 @mis_6309
D4 Optional N/A Reserved for SASV

More spots will be added if needed.

Everybody are welcome to join us, see you there


Oh go on then, love the SAS CRJ9.

I’ll take a gate. Callsign M-ANX please.

Ill take a gate CRJ9 UVAL224

The gates are yours!

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I would like a gate with an A320, callsign SASV3

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Gate B16 is yours, @axeand.

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I would a gate with a320 SASV350

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I’m in ! thanks

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Gotcha, got B9 and B10 for you!

I would like a gate as well, SAS A320, callsign SASV064. Thanks :)

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I would like a gate as well. Call sign: SASV055

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I would like a gate with an A320, callsign SASV047

Sorry forgot to tell, can i take B737 for this flight ? Cheers

Have a nice flight, @Heart777
Equipment change done, @Alexandre

Thank you :)))

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Really sorry I missed you guys. :(
I assigned @Pilot_DK1 to gate B7 and @Rage0001 B6.

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Please sign me up TGV 1006 Gate A7

You’re signed up, @Emmanuel_Mgilane!

I’ll take this gate, SAS 738, my callsign is UVAL297

You’re signed up, @Amrlazer!

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