[Departed] Qantas Virtual 7 Year Anniversary - Sydney Fly-Out @ YSSY - 172300ZMAY19

AAVA4291 here! Can I get 1-56 for London-Heathrow.

Of course @Dylan_T! What aircraft will you be using?

Give me a gate for a 787 (and how do I join the virtual airline I am grade 2)

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I’ll use the A388. Route seems to be just out of the 789’s range.

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Representing for American Virtual. Callsign is AAVA148, can I get any reserved gate to Beijing? Thanks.

Also, would I just use the generic A330 or do you guys use a specific livery on the A330?

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  • I’ve put you down for Gate 1-34. Where would you like to go and in what aircraft?

We’re glad to hear you say that! You can join by clicking here.


  • You’ve got 1-56 to London


  • You’ve got 1-57 to Beijing

We use the generic livery for the a330, although we’d love for it to be added. Why not check out the feature request?

See you all there!

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AAVA0024 I’m in. Airport London Heathrow(EGLL).

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  • You now have Gate 1-58

See you there!


AAVA414. Destination EGLL

Of course!

  • You now have Gate 1-59

See you there!

AAVA1410 from American Virtual
Can I get 1-61 for London Heathrow please!

AAVA2271. EGLL for destination A388

Hi, Could I please have an A388 gate heading to EGLL via WSSS.

Looking forward to this event!


  • You now have Gate 1-61


  • You now have Gate 1-10


  • You now have Gate 1-24

See you all there!

Qantas A380/departing to Dubai International airport (OMDB) and gate 1-09 at terminal one please.


  • You have Cargo Gate 1-06


  • You have Gate 1-09

See you guys there!

May I have 1-53 to SCEL please. Callsign is AAVA89 and aircraft is B744.

Congrats on 7 years friends!

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  • You have Gate 1-53

See you there!

Can I get a Qantas 738 flight to Brissy plz? Gate


  • You have Gate 2-12

See you there!