[DEPARTED] Oslo Flyout!

I flew in from EGLL and arrived at gate 64 you assigned me, quickly refueled, pushed back and departed from ENGM while interacting with the ATC the whole time. I am now less than an hour from London on the 2nd leg of my round trip. Thanks again for organizing this event! Great job indeed!

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Just took off. ATC was awesome, on my way to Belgrade now. Thanks

Just landed in Kiev with 25 knot crosswind!! But I did 100% butter the bread

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I’m almost an hour out from Rome, but holy f***, it is bumpy out here!

Yeah there was 15knts of crosswind at Bergen

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Well, I’m flying over Munchen as of now. The crosswind is 108 knts! JEEZ!

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How was your landing Butter575

Not that great

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We all have bad days 😬

What was your aircraft butter

Norwegian 737-800


The 737 in general sucks in crosswinds

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I find the BCS3 very easy to fly in Crosswinds

Thanks for the great event! Waiting for the upcoming event.


I saw that, was incredible. Am addicted to this route from now on😍

Yeah… turbulence was also extreme. My plane was shaking the whole time over Czechia and Germany.

Was flying into lowi

Just landed at Roma… Amazing event. Looking forward to the next one! 🔥🔥🔥

Just landed at Belgrade, thanks for the event @Butter575 :)

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