[DEPARTED] Oslo Flyout!

Cruising at 35000 feet over the North sea rn

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Sounds lovely with Bergen Fly-out. Even a Norwegian airport with scenery/landscape would be great.

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Idk what has been going on with SIRI but has reacted to the in-game atc voices, so now i dont have any atc voice, very annoying tbh xdd

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Tbh Siri is kinda dumb🤣


Thank you for the amazing event to brighten my morning!!!

legit xdd (10 character thingy…)

I have a Google pixel 6Pro and Google assistant is Smarter then Einstein!! She can do everything siri can’t

Alright well here you go! @AdrianNN @Pilot_Aaltonen @Ado


amazing ground and tower ops @JSRibs28 btw, had a smooth takeoff this morning

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@Ado 👋 I’m right above you!

and finally off

So many flights going to Heathrow. This is good. Got at least 4 flights that’s heading there. I’m following @Ulugbek_Muslitdinov

Awesome event! Thanks a lot for having me.

Thank you for the ATC


Thanks for the event

Glad you could make it

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I saw you ;)

I’m flying alongside @Captain_Angell

I’m 30 minutes out from Kiev

I see you, Scandinavian 815

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