[DEPARTED] Oslo Flyout!

I certainly hope I don’t get any violations on that one, I will be heading to Saudi Arabia

sure will do, that will be one heck of an event with EGLL

Anyone heading west do you see this?


Not you!!! Other people! You are fine!!!

Send a picture of your radar map Butter


I believe that’s West 😉

Edit! I meant west

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yeah ik saw that when i came from Bergen to OSL, need to be fixed, it’s basc the mounthain line , that covers the west side of Norway

Sadly no. Is it a glitch

Yeah my bad lol

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Half Way to Kiev

@United403 legit xddd

I’m keeping my eye out😉😉! I think I’m safe

What are your thoughts on a Bergen Flyout everyone?


would be nice imo


Agreed 10 characters

I’m still in line

same 3rd/4th to take-off on 19L, 4 min delay for now with the flight plan i got, but that’s always expected xdd