[DEPARTED] Oslo Flyout!

My amazing friend, Jackanimate

Heading to heathrow rn. I’m climbing to FL350

I saw you takeoff. See you around!

IFATC are super experienced! There was a reason please contact @appeals.


Okay thank you!

What aircraft were you in?

He was a SAS 738

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@JSRibs28 Be aware, some cutting is going on!

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WDYM by that

Well I am off to Bergen!

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I’m off to Copenhagen, thanks for the fun event @Butter575 can’t wait for your next one.

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I wish I could be there

Thanks butter575 for letting me promote my events here!!

But thank you so much for hosting Butter575 and I hope you all have a great flight! Make sure to butter!🧈

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There was some behavior that was unacceptable. Pilots not trading off for departures.

Event Announcement

Thank you everyone for coming! Hope everyone has a great flight to their destinations and make sure to sign up to my other events if you haven’t already! See you all in the skies


I am so sorry, I was just trying to do what the ATC told me

Thanks for the event. Descending towards Trondheim!

ait turn-around complete time to head towards Bodø xd

Check this one out! ^^^