[DEPARTED] Oslo Flyout!

And I’ve spotted Mr. butter575


@AdrianNN just take my gate 47


Why did the ATC kick me off, I did nothing wrong, he told me to line up runway 19R! 😡

I was so excited for this event and now I got kicked off by the stupid ATC for no reason

pm the controller

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Who was the controller?

what was the reason in the report he put on u?

Also contact @appeals maybe

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It’s JSRibs28

I had no idea, I was stuck on the runway when he told me to line up and wait runway 19R and I kept asking for departure because I didn’t wanna get a violation and then he just kicked me off!

since you entered the runway its tower, so pm JSRibs28

Okay thank you!

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@MatthewV see you in copenhagen! I’m about to depart 19L now

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Just reached cruising at FL350!! 1:47 to Kiev

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finally at my gate, damn took like 20-30 mins to get here xddd

I hope you all have a good time, let’s hope the PHOG flyout goes better!

i would not be surprised if i never hear from you again XDD

I’ll be controlling that one :)

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now it’s gonna be a quick turn-around xdd

I’m doing this for a friend who is no longer on IFC