[DEPARTED] Oslo Flyout!

@JSRibs28 Be aware, some cutting is going on!

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WDYM by that

Well I am off to Bergen!

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I’m off to Copenhagen, thanks for the fun event @Butter575 can’t wait for your next one.

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I wish I could be there

Thanks butter575 for letting me promote my events here!!

But thank you so much for hosting Butter575 and I hope you all have a great flight! Make sure to butter!🧈

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There was some behavior that was unacceptable. Pilots not trading off for departures.

Event Announcement

Thank you everyone for coming! Hope everyone has a great flight to their destinations and make sure to sign up to my other events if you haven’t already! See you all in the skies


I am so sorry, I was just trying to do what the ATC told me

Thanks for the event. Descending towards Trondheim!

ait turn-around complete time to head towards Bodø xd

Check this one out! ^^^


I certainly hope I don’t get any violations on that one, I will be heading to Saudi Arabia

sure will do, that will be one heck of an event with EGLL

Anyone heading west do you see this?


Not you!!! Other people! You are fine!!!

Send a picture of your radar map Butter


I believe that’s West 😉