[DEPARTED] Mega Phoenix Event

I’ll probably see you on the way

I see you Aidan

I’m not hard to miss!

He said he’d be here a little late since the event is 3 hrs long

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Nice takeoffs everyone and ATC! Headed out of the East Valley to Philly. Safe travels y’all!

Thanks for responding
Also how long have you been at Sky Harbor

The past 4 hrs I believe @RyanairLander

Just wanted to throw this in here. Brand new event by me

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I’ve just begun my approach into Salt lake city

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Thanks to everyone who showed up and hope you all had great flights and safe landings!

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4 hours of ATC how many ops was that

And I just began my approach into Sky Harbor

244 ops and sorry about that. I just finished cooking and my girl just got home

My app crashed

Oof rest in peace
On final?

On downwind

It’s no issue! I still had fun

Don’t mind me, just crying away because I missed the event :)… T_T

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Thanks @Butter575 was fun! Made it safely to El Paso


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