[Departed] Mega Maui Flyout!

One week until the event!

Can I get gate 29 with Delta 757 to KLAX please?

You are signed up

Lot of Deltas going to LAX, could I switch my plane to a Delta A330 flying to SLC

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Sure! You are switched

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Let’s get the remaining gates filled!

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Can I get HAL545 (B712 to Honolulu)

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You are signed up!

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Thanks! Is it ok if I stream the flight?

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Of course!

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Thanks! Can’t wait for the event

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I want to control the CENTER ATC

Sounds good! Thanks for helping with ATC

Could I switch my plane again to a United 777 flying to Denver
Reason is because I sorta had a bad experience with an A339 earlier

Sure! All switched up

can I pls get a delta a330-300 to Lax

Stand by, I will get you down in a few

@Danny_Bar2.0 you are signed up!

@Butter575 thank you

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Of course! See you there!