[DEPARTED] Majestic Maui Flyout!

Due to work schedules 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Please don’t ping me here. I will get there when I get there

Can I please switch flights?
If so is it possible I could fly Alaska 737-900 to LAX at gate 13
Thank you so much:)

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WIDEBODIES CAN BE ACCOMMODATED AT GATES 1, 5, 21, 27, 35, AND 39. Thank you!

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I saw an A330 at 21 and 27 today so my bad lol!

is that a yes or a no


Yes, of course you can! I dont mind if its a 737-900 or -800 now. They started serving it here.

@DeltaStan This route is now on a A321Neo in real life, mind flying the A321 for it? Im trying to keep it very realistic. Your choice, as one flight still has it.

They still operate the 757

Maybe we could switch this for DL1069 to SEA?

Ik but they are starting to send the A321 here on most of the routes. the 757 is on select flights. The flight to SEA is on it, a LAX flight is on it.


Also, I will have this gate:

Thanks :D


I’ll get you signed up

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I’ll take this but can this be changed to Delta to SEA in an A321

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Can do! I was actually just on that flight! I was on N502DX, got delayed for around 6 hours but still made it back home to maui!

Sorry I am so picky but can I fly the American B772 instead of the B789

Just realized I can’t attend, my bad.

Ok sorry you can’t make it

Sorry I can’t come But have a Good event