[DEPARTED] June 1 | The Spectacular SeaTac Flyout!

I’ll take this flight please!

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@Finley_Skaggs you have been removed.

@Isaac_Litan you have been added!

To any IFATC members this event is in need of you!

I will take this please, thanks

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Added! Thanks for coming!

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This event is going to be my biggest one yet!

We need someone to step up for ATC, if I pass my IFATC practical tomorrow I’ll do it 😃.

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Welcome Mr. President to Seattle!


The VA is unfortunately basically dead at this point.

I’ll take this one

Added! Thanks for coming!

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I can no longer attend

Sorry Cant come anymore

@United403, @Olivia12 you have both been removed.

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Im pretty sure I got nothing going on this day, I can take GTS.

This is gonna sound stupid, GTS stands for ground, tower, ATIS, correct? Just needed to make sure 😂😅.

Yea, don’t worry I was in your shoes😂


Let me know if you do pass your practical though, I will be happy to let you control!

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@Myrightsock you have been assigned for GTS!

Thanks so much!

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This but to you know where please

I’d like this:

but change:

  • Destination: Tampa

@Butter575 you have been added 🌴

@whyevenbothernaming the Delta flight from SEA-TPA is operated on an A321-200 NEO, I’m not sure the regular A321 could make it. I could switch a gate such as D8 so you could fly Alaska Airlines to Tampa. Would that be okay with you?

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