(DEPARTED) JUN10 2000Z / Maderia Flyout

Hello everyone! On June 10, 2023, I’m gonna be doing a flyout event at Madeira Airport also known as Cristiano Ronaldo Intl. Airport. Madeira is a fairly midsize airport located on the Madeira Islands. Its a huge holiday destination for Europeans. Its an unbelievable place and somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for a while and hope to do so. In terms of flights, there are tons of destinations and airlines to choose from. Unfortunately, there is under 20 gates. If this event is popular enough, I will add a second wave for people to join. I hope you can join me and enjoy the islands of Portugal on this flyout!


  1. I am not responsible for any violations you may receive if you attend.
  2. Arrive about 10-15 minutes prior to the start of event
  3. If ATC is present, try and follow all their instructions given to you
  4. Use Unicom if ATC does not show up
  5. This will be on Expert Server so fly as professionally as possible
  6. This is a small airport. If there is a lot of people attending, be patient and do not rush when taxiing
  7. Have fun!


Server: Expert Server
Airport: Madeira/Funchal Cristiano Ronaldo Intl. Airport (FNC/LPMA)
Time: 2023-06-10T20:00:00Z2023-06-10T21:00:00Z

ATC Services:

If possible, I would love to get some people to work ATC. If not, pilots will use Unicom.


There will not be any gate assignments. I have provided a list of every airline and destination that serves FNC on its Wikipedia page. You can choose from their. I have also provided 7 suggested routes you could take.

Wikipedia Airlines/Routes

Suggested Routes
  • Azores Airlines | Airbus A321 (Generic Livery) | Madeira-New York (JFK)
  • easyjet | Airbus A320 | Madeira-London(Gatwick)
  • Iberia | CRJ-1000 | Madeira-Madrid
  • Jet2 | B757-200 | Madeira-Manchester
  • Ryanair | B737-800 | Madeira-Dublin
  • TAP Air Portugal | A320 | Madeira-Lisbon
  • Wizz Air | A320 | Madeira-Vienna
Gate Aircraft/Airline/Livery Route Pilot Callsign (Optional)
Gate A01 A320 (EasyJet) LPMA-EGKK @Ben_Walsh
Gate A02 B738 (Jet2) LPMA-EGNM @poncho41
Gate A03 A320 (TAP Portugal) LPMA-LPPT @Bay_Area_Aviation
Gate A04 B737 (Luxair) LPMA-ELLX @RLX_dante
Gate A05 B738 (Jet2) LPMA-EGNM @JakesAviationYT
Gate A06 B738 (Ryanair) LPMA-EGSS @yenier_Rodriguez
Gate A07 B738 (Royal Air Maroc) LPMA-GMMN @United403
Gate A08 B738 (Jet2holidays) LPMA-EGCC @SWA1997
Gate A09 B738 (Ryanair) LPMA-LPPT @TheGreg
Gate A10 - - -
Gate A11 - - -
Gate A12 - - -
Gate A13 A321 (Azores Airlines - Generic) LPMA-KJFK @Lenn_Beyloos
Gate A14 - - -
Gate A16 - - -

FNC Gate Map:

Red - Main Terminal

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This looks like a really fun event! I can’t make it, but would highly recommend someone takes the SWISS flight up to Geneva. Great scenery, as I’ve done this routing before.

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Very quiet around here. Lets get some sign ups!

Can I have easy jet to london Gatwick please

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let me get the jet2 757 to manchester

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I’ll put you down!

Gotchu (10)

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British Airways A320 London Heathrow please :)

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Got it! (10)

Hate to say it but I’m gonna have to bail out, sorry!

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Oh okay (10)

Can I take the Luxair 737 to Luxembourg?

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Sure. I’ll put you down

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Event Bump.

Well under a month to go! Lets fill these gates

This is the second Madeira event i can’t attend due to violation problems wish it was on ts

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Its not until June 10, you’ll still have a violation issue at that point?

Yeah I’m banned until January

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Woah!! How did that happen

Lots of mistakes

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That sucks :/