DEPARTED Istanbul to New York Group Flight!

Hello! This will be my second long haul group flight and first trans Atlantic group flight! In this event, we’ll be flying from Turkey’s biggest city, Istanbul, to the worlds biggest city, New York, in USA! Turkish Airlines use the flight number TK1 for one of the flights!

Istanbul International Airport (IST) 🇹🇷

New York John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) 🇺🇸


Turkish Airlines A330-300

Turkish Airlines B777-300ER

Event Details

Time and date: 2023-10-28T05:00:00Z2023-10-28T15:00:00Z

Origin: LTFM

Destination: KJFK

Server: Training

Flight Time: 09:50

Flight Plan: Please copy @SamB777’s flight plan

Fuel: 73,000 kg (A330-300)
89,000 kg (B777-300ER)

Cruising Altitude: 34,000 ft, 36,000 ft

Gate Assignments

Departure Gate Landing Gate Aircraft User
D7 T1 03 Turkish Airlines A330-300 @Apple_Haye
D9 T1 05 Turkish Airlines A330-300 @Fuyanmingde
D11 T1 07 Turkish Airlines B777-300ER @Prestoni
D13 T1 11 Turkish Airlines B777-300ER @SamB777
D15 T1 08 Turkish Airlines B777-300ER @Turkish182
D17 T1 06 Turkish Airlines B777-300ER @Ywikiwinfiniteflight
D19 T1 04 Turkish Airlines B777-300ER (Occupied)
D20 T1 02 Turkish Airlines A330-300 @nm_hj

ATC (If needed)
Istanbul Tower and Ground:
New York Tower and Ground:


  • Follow ATC instructions
  • We are not responsible any violations
  • If no ATC is not present use Unicom
  • Have fun!
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@fuyanmingde Thanks for joining!!! I’ll put you at D11 as a A330-300!

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This please! I mean if my event is popular thee would be 2 events in 2 days in Turkiye so I must join this!


I’m join in this flight or ATC,because in October 26th I will become ATC specialist

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Sure! Thanks for joining!!! But there might not be so many people because of the time zone.

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Sure! Tell me which one do you want to fly or what arc do you want to be! I didn’t add the atc because I think there’s too less people, but if you want to, sure!

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Hello! I am a Turk and I want to join your flight. When will the flight start? thanks.


Hey! Looks like a nice event! Just a thing: there is no other B777 gates? Because I fly very often with A330s and I am a little bored of this aircraft…


If you want to fly in a 777, I’ll add one for you!

Want to fly this?

Hello Turk and welcome to the community!!! The event time will appear if you tap on the “Event Details” and it will appear in your time zone!

Thanks for your interest and hope to see you there!

Yeah! Thanks that’s nice from you!
Yes I will take that one!

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Hello, did you decide whether atc or joining this flight? ;) I made the atc page.

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I added you! Thanks for joining!


Two spaces left!!! 🔥🔥🔥 Who will take them?

I’ll take the A330

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Sure, thanks for joining!!!

ill take the last spot please. 777

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Sure, I’ll put @fuyanmingde at D9 and you take his spot as a 777. Thanks for joining!!!

I’ll add more gates if needed.

More gates added!!!