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Across Oceania


G’day and welcome to Infinite Flight General Aviation Club’s latest Oceanic event. This event will take us across the pond between the two great countries of New Zealand and Australia. Join us as we continue to journey through the gorgeous and vibrant Oceanic region. This event will be featuring our Cessna Citation X. Did you think we were able to complete this flight in our small Cessna 172? Since we’re travelling in luxury you’re probably wondering who we’ll be transporting in these jets? The executives of IFGAC of course! You won’t only be flying them but one of our executives has already arrived in Sydney. Due to the early closure of our previous series we’ve decided to turn this event into a two in one. This event is a landing competition as. The Still to be named Executive will be the judge of your landing in YSSY [Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport] . The winners will be ranked from 1 - 5 and have their names announced at the end of this event. But they will also have the chance to feature one of their photos to be used in our next event. So what are you waiting for? Join us as, we fly across the pond, until we gently touch down in Sydney.

During this event, we’ll begin our journey from Auckland International [NZAA] and touch down in Sydney [YSSY].


Server - Expert Server

Aircraft - Cessna Citation X [Any Livery]

Departing Airport - NZAA [Auckland]

Departure Time - 0600Z 2019-10-13T06:00:00Z

Flight time - 2 hours 51 minutes

Arrival Airport - YSSY [Sydney]


Flight Plan


Please note, this flight plan was made by Simbrief and may change further coming to the event.

Cruise Altitude: 38,000ft FL400 at waypoint SASRO

Climb profile: 250/300/0.86

Descent profile: 0.86/300/250

For more information on the upcoming flight check out Further flight details.

As always please be respectful and mindful of other aircraft near you as this is expert server. We are not responsible for any violations or ghosts if IFATC is present.


Gate Callsign Pilot IFGAC Standby
Gate 36 VH-LML @Luke_L
Gate 43 N187BC @Sashaz55
Gate 40 VH-RXA @QVG-Crunch
Gate 35
Gate 34
Gate 41
Gate 39
Gate 42
Gate 46
Gate 47

More gates will be added if required

IFATC Present in this event


Join Today!



I’ll come but put me on standby as I might not make it but I’ll see how I go :)


I’ll come but NZAA is not Christchurch are we going from Auckland or Christchurch?

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Gate 40 is yours sorry mate, it was late when I finished this 😂

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Roger, we hope you can attend! :)

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IFATC Will be present during this event

I don’t think I’ll be able to make it now

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Thanks for letting us know! :)

Event is cancelled

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