DEPARTED I The Sunny Panama City Fly-out! I @MPTO

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Panama City Flyout

Welcome to beautiful Panama City! Panama City is a city within the country Panama, located in Central America. It is home to over 1.9 million people. It is known for its stunning landscapes, and breathtaking scenery. Join me @Jay003 on this beautiful event as we take over Panama City!

Date & Time: 2023-11-04T16:00:00Z
Server: Expert Server
Airport: MPTO (Panama City Tocumen Int’l Airport)

Terminal 1
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
225 A321 Air Canada Toronto-Pearson -
224 B739 Delta Atlanta @BenjiTheBull
223 A320 Avianca Bogota -
222 B738 Cayman Airways Grand Cayman -
221 A319 American Miami -
220 A319 American Miami -
219 B739 United Houston -
218 B738 United Newark -
Terminal 2
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
147 B738 Copa Airlines Aruba -
146 B738 Copa Airlines Atlanta -
145 B738 Copa Airlines Austin -
144 B738 Copa Airlines Baltimore -
143 B738 Copa Airlines Barbados -
142 B738 Copa Airlines Belize City -
141 B738 Copa Airlines Chicago O-hare -
140 B738 Copa Airlines Kingston @Mort
139W A359 Air France Paris @anon87523340
137 B738 Copa Airlines New York (JFK) -
135W A359 Turkish Airlines Istanbul -
133 B738 Copa Airlines Mexico City -
130W A330 Iberia Madrid @Ryan_15
128 B738 Copa Airlines San Juan -
127 B738 Copa Airlines Comayagua @IFlyer
126 B738 Copa Airlines Los Angeles -
125 B738 Copa Airlines Montego Bay -
124 B738 Copa Airlines Washington Dulles -
123 B738 Copa Airlines Punta Cana -
128 B738 Copa Airlines San Jose @Harrison_S
122 B738 Copa Airlines Sint Maarten -
121 B738 Copa Airlines Sint Maarten -
120 B738 Copa Airlines Guatemala -
115 B738 Copa Airlines Nassau -
114 B738 Copa Airlines Denver -
111 B738 Copa Airlines Fort Lauderdale -
110 B738 Copa Airlines Port of Spain -
109W B772 KLM Amsterdam @Topgottem
108 B738 Copa Airlines Santa Clara -
107 B738 Copa Airlines Santiago de Chile -
106 B738 Copa Airlines Rio de Janeiro -
103 B738 Copa Airlines Orlando @Jay003
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
712 B777F FedEx Memphis -
711 B777F FedEx San Jose -
710 B777F FedEx Los Angeles -
709 MD11F UPS Miami -
708 MD11F UPS Louisville -
- - - - -
- - - - -

Atis: @United403
Ground: @United403
Tower: @United403

Tocumen has 2 runways. 03R/21L which is 10,007ft. 03L/21R is 8799ft and isn’t used often. Terminal 1 is fairly new to the airport and finished construction in late 2019. Not many airlines operate out of that terminal. Terminal 1 is home to Copa Airlines, and some international airlines. Tocumen is trying to move more airlines too terminal 1, so it has a better use. Tocumen Airport also servers roughly 4 million passengers a year. Through connections, and regular flights. Tocumen also opened in June 1st of 1947 as a military base. Later switched to an international airport.

I am not responsible for any violations issue during the event.
Follow all given ATC instructions.
Act professionally.
If ATC is not present, please use the Unicom frequency correctly.
Most importantly, have fun and enjoy!
Always spawn in 5-10 minutes before the event starts.


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