[Departed] Harbour City Flyout @ YSSY - 202300ZMAR20

image Welcome to this Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport Fly-Out, celebrating our beloved Harbour City. This event marks the beginning of a new era in events at QVG, as we come up to our 8th year in operation, and we can’t wait to show you what we have planned!

image Flight Information

Server: Expert

Airport: Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport [YSSY]

Time: 2020-03-20T23:00:00Z

Aircraft: Qantas Virtual Group Aircraft
Livery: Qantas/QantasLink/Jetstar

image NOTAM:

  • Please Spawn in roughly 10 minutes before our scheduled departure time

  • Qantas Virtual Group pilots can use their callsigns (QFAXXX), all other pilots please use an appropriate callsign

  • Make sure to take lots of photos and share them with us below!

  • Qantas Virtual Pilots can log this flight under the flight’s relevant flight number.

For this event, we will be using the official established SIDs from Sydney airport to manage traffic. Please look for your relevant departure and plan your flight accordingly:

image Flightplan:

Source: Wikipedia

When Runway 16L/R in use
-RWY 16R:
YSSY DUNES DEENA (caution RWY 16L may be in use, do not turn left until after DEENA)
-RWY 16L:
YSSY KEVIN (caution RWY 16R may be in use, do not turn left until after KEVIN)

image Gates

For this event, gates will be allocated per aircraft size then first come, first serve. Please state whether your flight will be a Passenger or Freight flight when requesting your gate.

Terminal 1 (Qantas/Jetstar International)
Gate Aircraft Destination Attendee
Gate 1-08 A380-800 YSSY-KDFW @iJazzyman
Gate 1-09 A380-800 YSSY-KDFW @anon39682098
Gate 1-10 A380-800 YSSY-KLAX @QVG-Crunch
Gate 1-11 - -
Gate 1-24 B747-400 YSSY-FAOR @Toby172
Gate 1-25 A380-800 YSSY-KDFW @LongHaulGuy
Gate 1-30 B787-900 YSSY-SCEL @chuckaule
Gate 1-31 A380-800 YSSY-KDFW @KailasSrinivasan
Gate 1-32 B787-900 YSSY-KSFO @Faris_townsend
Gate 1-33 B737-800 YSSY-NFFN @Michael_Anderson
Gate 1-34 B737-800 YSSY-NZAA @SahyaQFFlyer
Gate 1-35 B737-800 YSSY-NZAA @Alex_E
Gate 1-63 B747-400 YSSY-FAOR @Elias_Solberg1
Gate 1-51 A380-800 YSSY-KLAX @TimR
Gate 1-53 B787-900 YSSY-KSFO @Dingus
Gate 1-55 A380-800 YSSY-YMML @CaptainZac
Gate 1-57 A380-800 YSSY-KLAX @Royce

*more gates will be added if needed

Terminal 2 (Domestic - Jetstar)
Gate Aircraft Destination Attendee
Gate 2-49 A320 YPAD @cptlogue
Gate 2-53
Gate 2-55
Gate 2-57
Gate 2-59
Gate 2-58
Gate 2-31
Gate 2-33
Gate 2-35
Gate 2-39
Gate 2-41
Gate 2-43
Gate 2-45

*more gates will be added if needed

Terminal 3 (Domestic - Qantas)
Gate Aircraft Destination Attendee
Gate 2-01
Gate 2-02 B737-800 YSSY-YBBN @Thunderbolt
Gate 2-03 B737-800 YSSY-YBBN @Doozy
Gate 2-04
Gate 2-08
Gate 2-09
Gate 2-10
Terminal 3 (Domestic - QantasLink)
Gate Aircraft Destination Attendee
Gate 2-11
Gate 2-12 DH8D YSSY-YBDG @Choccymilk
Gate 2-13
Gate 2-14
Gate 2-15
Cargo (Domestic & International)
Gate Aircraft Destination Attendee
Cargo 1-01
Cargo 1-02
Cargo 1-03 B787-9 NZAA @anon70772274 (Event Coordinator)
Cargo 1-04
Cargo 1-05 A330-300 YSSY-NZAA @Og_s_Vlogs
Cargo 1-06 B747-400 YSSY-CYVR @Pajd02

More gates available if needed.

This event is hosted by the Qantas Virtual Group
Become part of the Qantas Virtual adventure here


Erm, so do we say what route we want, not choose from options?

Could I get any gate to Johannesburg in a 747 please? I’m a QVG pilot, my callsign is QFA424

You can fly to any Qantas/Jetstar destination out of Sydney Airport. Once you’ve decided, just comment below with your chosen route and aircraft and we’ll assign you a gate.

Our destinations can be found here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sydney_Airport

No problem, you’re down for Gate 1-24.
See you there!


Can I take a Qantas 737 down to Melbourne?

G’day, can I have a 737-800 to Brisbane?

Thanks, looking forward to the event.

Hi there mates, I’d like to offer to do a flight for this event.

I’d take Singapore Airlines A359 to Singapore

I think it’s only Qantas aircraft mate, may have to fly the A330 of Qantas (flown in real life).

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My bad, then I’ll not be flying. G’day mates. @Thunderbolt thanks for the spot, I definitely glanced over it without me looking thoroughly

You have been assigned Gate 2-01.
See you there!

All done - you have Gate 2-02.
See you there!


Can I have a gate to Dallas Fort Worth in an A380?

Callsign: QFA350


All done - you have Gate 1-08.
See you there!

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Could I please have a gate! I’ll be flying to Noumea in the B737.

Can I sign up for Gate 1-09
787-9 to San Diego international
And it will be a commercial flight
(My call sign is QFA338)

Reserve this gate for me please, thank you


May I have Gate 1-10 A380 on my way to Los Angeles please

Could I get a gate for an a330 to Auckland please.

Could I get a gate to DFW in an A380?

Can I get a gate to RJBB on a Qantas 787-9?

Make it SCEL*