DEPARTED Group Flight: Singapore to Jakarta!

Hello everyone, my other group flight turned out bad and nobody wants to join. Because of that, I’m making another one at October 21st. In this flight, we’ll be flying from Singapore Changi International Airport to Jakarta Soekarno Hatta International Airport! Both are very big and amazing airports! PS: Changi Airport is famous for it’s great waterfall!

Singapore Changi International Airport (SIN)🇸🇬

Jakarta Soekarno Hatta International Airport (CGK)🇮🇩


Citilink A320-200

Garuda Indonesia B737-800

Garuda Indonesia A330-300

Singapore Airlines A350-900

Singapore Airlines B777-300ER

Event Details

Time and date: 2023-10-21T11:00:00Z2023-10-21T12:40:00Z

Origin: WSSS

Destination: WIII

Server: Training

Flight Time: 01:30

Flight Plan: Please copy @SamB777’s flight plan

Fuel: 8,000 kg (A320-200)
7,900 kg (B737-800)
17,000 kg (A330-300)
16,000 kg (A350-900)
21,000 kg (B777-300ER)

Cruising Altitude: 35,000 ft

Gate Assignments

Departure Gate Landing Gate Aircraft User
A9 G1 Garuda Indonesia B738 @fsin1922
A10 G2 Garuda Indonesia A333 (Occupied)
A11 G3 Garuda Indonesia A333 @Cristian_Buzoianu
A12 G4 Garuda Indonesia A333 @United403
A13 G5 Garuda Indonesia A333 @SamB777
A14 G6 Singapore Airlines A359 (Occupied)
A15 G7 Singapore Airlines B77W @ILoveJay
A16 G8 Singapore Airlines B77W @Fuyanmingde
A17 G16 Singapore Airlines B77W @gfan_Gucci
A18 G11 Citilink A320
A19 G12 Citilink A320
A20 G13 Citilink A320
Changi Ground:
Changi Tower:
Jakarta Ground:
Jakarta Tower:


  • Follow ATC instructions
  • We are not responsible any violations
  • If no ATC is not present use Unicom
  • Have fun!

Let’s see how this one works. I think this is the appropriate time for Europe? @bbb_aviation

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Same as you please

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Thanks for joining! I’ll squeeze out one of the 737-800s

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Probably for the US.

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Might consider it…

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I put you in A13 as a Garuda A333 😀


Just saying my next group flight will be Jakarta to Denpasar. The time would probably be at the afternoon est.

Consider joining if you have time everyone

Sorry bro, Can’t do it again😂

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I want to but baseball interferes

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It’s fine, can you tell me when do you have time?

Yeah, I’ll private message you

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Guys anyone more?

Anymore people to join?

@ILoveJay you told me you want a 777, so I’ll put you in here. Thanks for joining!!!

I want this pls :: Garuda A333

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Sure! I’ll buy you in gate 12! Thanks for joining!!!

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@Fuyanmingde I’ll put you at A16, thanks for joining!!!

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Only two narrow bodies left… I’m not sure anyone wants to fly those. If can’t, I’ll make one more widebody.