[DEPARTED] Giant Gatwick Fly-out!

Callsign Dynasty 001VA on the day

@Aviation_Jerry you are signed up

@Olegend049 i will still put you down for the gate you requested but you can pm me later if you can’t come

Roger that

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You are signed up

Can I fly a JetBlue A321 to KJFK please

You got it!

Thank you!

Isn’t gatwick the worst london airport

I’m not sure. There is also standsted, city and luton

AviatorDan works at London Gatwick


Yeah so I would say it isn’t the worst

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AviatorDan has always been my favorite YouTuber! He inspired me and is always positive!


Yeah AviatorDan is one of my favorite YouTubers Swiss001 is my favorite


Sorry, it was Luton I believe

Is swiss where you got your nickname from
the “butter”


Not necessarily, idk where I thought of it from exactly

Could i please get this gate

You are signed up

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He left London Gatwick now