[DEPARTED] Giant Gatwick Fly-out!

Welcome to the London Gatwick fly-out hosted by @Butter575! This event will be held on September 3rd on the expert server. I hope you can join me in this giant fly-out and happy flying!

Event Server: Expert
Event Date: 03SEP22

North Terminal
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
46 JetBlue A321 New York
47 JetBlue A321 New York
48 Air Transat A330-300 Toronto @dipiesi
49 Air Transat A330-300 Quebec City
50 Westjet 787-9 Calgary @Metro_Aviation
51 Westjet 787-9 Toronto @greatsharkiee
52 Westjet 787-9 Vancouver @Captain_Willery
53 TUI 787-8 Cancun @JoeBevan
54 Air France 777-300 Paris @Pilot_babz23
555 Emirates A380 Dubai @Kiran_Mehta
558 Emirates 777-300 Dubai @The_Real_Plane_Spott
562 Qatar 787-8 Doha @Captain_Dreamliner
567 Finnair A330-300 Helsinki
573 Icelandair 757-200 Reykjavik @Connor.CHARLES
South Terminal
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
01 Wizz A320 Budapest @Gautam_Jaiswal
02 Wizz A320 Bucharest
03 Wizz A320 Rome @MattFlightsim
04 Wizz A320 Vienna @Jack_Dh
05 Wizz A321 Tel Aviv
10 Ryanair 737-800 Dublin
11 Ryanair 737-800 Shannon
12 Ryanair 737-800 Cork @Kasi
13 Vueling A320 Paris-Orly
14 Vueling A320 Rome @Mr-plane-guy1
15 Vueling A320 Barcelona @Captain_Walls
16 Iberia A320 Madrid
17 Iberia A320 Venice
18 Iberia A320 Amsterdam
19 TAP A320 Lisbon @Manav
20 TAP A320 Porto @Harrison_EGLL
21 Air Baltic A220 Riga @RickysAviationYT
22 Turkish Airlines A321 Istanbul
23 Aer Lingus A320 Dublin @Se.Mal_aviation
24 Aer Lingus A320 Dublin @Smelly
25 Aer Lingus A320 Dublin @Mr_A1B3RT
26 LOT 737-800 Warsaw @AVGIRLCZ
27 Air Baltic A220 Riga @Shafran
31 British Airways 777-200 Orlando @SammyDoesGaming
32 British Airways 777-200 Port Louis @ThatDudeFliesYT
33 British Airways 777-200 Tampa @B1GI1
34 British Airways 777-200 New York @Chaseelliottfan9WG
35 British Airways 777-200 Tampa @Callum_Ray1
36 British Airways 777-200 Cancun @KSM_King_Storm
37 Norwegian 787-9 Los Angeles @FLIGHT_G_YT
38 Turkish Airlines A330-300 Istanbul
Remote Gates: 101-113
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
101 British Airways A320 Manchester @Ashwanth_razil
102 British Airways A320 Glasgow @RagonDragon
103 Jet2 737-800 Jersey @Butter575
104 EasyJet A320 Palma De Mallorca
105 EasyJet A320 Mahon
106 EasyJet A320 Madrid
107 EasyJet A319 Birmingham
112 KLM E-190 Amsterdam
113 Royal Air Maroc 737-800 Casablanca
Remote Gates: 130-145
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
130 EasyJet A320 Antalya
131 EasyJet A320 Ibiza @mildredAV
132 EasyJet A320 Amsterdam @El_YuainXD
133 EasyJet A320 Paris
134 EasyJet A320 Edinburgh @United403
135 EasyJet A320 Basel
136 EasyJet A320 Geneva @Cryptronic11
137 EasyJet A320 Belfast
140 EasyJet A320 Birmingham
141 EasyJet A320 Barcelona @Klas892
142 EasyJet A320 Glasgow @Olegend049
144 EasyJet A320 Palma De Mallorca @NiklasFrankfurt
145 EasyJet A320 Split @Rastko_Roza
Remote Gates: 150-159
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
Remote150 Norwegian 737-800 Oslo
Remote151 Norwegian 737-800 Stockholm
Remote152 Norwegian 737-800 Copenhagen @Sebastian_Bjerre_Ols
Remote153 Norwegian 737-800 Helsinki @Victor_Allart
Remote154 Norwegian 737-800 Bergen @IF.NORWAY
Remote155 Norwegian 737-800 Trondheim @HeggOla
Remote157 Norwegian 737-800 Tromso
Remote158 Norwegian 737-800 Stavanger
Remote Gates: 170-180
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
170 Tuifly 737-800 Palma De Mallorca
171 Tuifly 737-800 Kos
172 Tuifly 737-700 Dalaman
173 Tuifly 737-800 Pafos
174 Tuifly 737-700 Kavala
175 Tuifly 737-700 Fuerteventura
176 Tuifly 737-800 Ibiza
177 Tuifly 737-800 Zakynthos
178 Tuifly 737-800 Izmir
180 Tuifly 737-700 Hurghada @JakesAviationYT
Remote Gates: 230-235
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
230 Norse Atlantic 787-9 Oslo
231 Norse Atlantic 787-9 New York
232 Easy jet A319 Edinburgh @Luke1872



  • I am not responsible for any level 2 or 3 violations you might receive
  • If ATC is not present, please use unicom correctly
  • Have Fun!


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Lets get some signups!

London - Orlando Please


You are signed up!

I won’t be able to got because I’ll be out of town for my 16th birthday

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I will take gate 555 to Dubai

You are signed up

I’ll take gate 52 to Vancouver!

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I will have this please! 🤩

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would love to join but ill be somewhere in denmark but gl on the event

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ill take this flight. callsign will be BA2273

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Let’s get some more signups!

i won’t be able to come but this flight is operated in an a321LR so shouldn’t it be a a321?

Yes, but the Air Transat Livery is not on the A321, that would mean the pilots would have to fly a generic livery

Can I get this but to Catania it’s my old home and they go there

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Sure! You are signed up

Let’s get some more signups