(Departed) Flying around the world from LFPG to EDDF

Hey guys. I’m going to do a flight in an Air France 777-200ER at 2400Z. I will be flying westbound over both ponds and over Europe before landing at KJFK. I will be using callsign F-DANO Heavy and I will be using TS1. If you’d like to join or track me, or give me some tips, please do so as this is my first time doing such a flight. Also, what waypoints would you suggest for me to arrive by Sunday 2100Z and not run out of fuel? Thanks!


May want to make this an event in the future, sorry I can’t join you.

Hope someone can though!

This to me sounds like an event. If it is, please use this outline to make an event topic correctly.

This isn’t really an event, rather just something that I’m doing for fun. I don’t have any reserved gates or anything, just asking for tips and if anyone would like to come along.

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Ok, I wasn’t sure if that was the case. Sounds pretty fun, though I won’t be able to come.

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1 hour until departure!!!

If you’re trying to go non-stop I would recommend going eastbound from Paris. This would allow you to take advantage of the tailwinds in the northern hemisphere.

Good idea! Will take that into consideration. Thanks!

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