[Departed] Flash Flight: @YSSY - @093000ZJUL5

📢 Flash Flight from YSSY-KSFO!

ℹ️ Flight Details

Server: Expert

Gates: 1-31 to 1-37


Arrival: KSFO

Departure Time: 0930Zulu

Arrival Time: 2245Zulu

Flight time: 13:30mins

More flight details will be posted prior to the flight beginning

Spawn In roughly 10-15mins before departure

Flight Plan: YSSY NOBAR 3339S/15201E 3251S/15338E 2941S/15927E 2716S/16300E 2544S/16507E 2307S/16837E 1725S/17536E 1553S/17712E 1209S/17917W 826S/17556W 500S/17302W 113S/16953W 205N/16716W 656N/16313W 1115N/15919W 1448N/15532W 1825N/15114W 2224N/14627W 2653N/14006W 3108N/13315W CREAN CINNY 3617N/12436W PIRAT OSI CEPIN KSFO

Looking forward to seeing you at the event!
Kind Regards,

Luke L


This should be posted in the #live:groupflights category please.

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Sorry I’ll fix that up now, thanks for letting me know ;)

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Your welcome mate

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The first two numbers should be the day of the month and next four numbers should be the time in Zulu

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Have a read of this @Luke_L

Sorry man. Thanks for letting me know :)

Speeding my way to y’all c;


see you mate great to see you come with us

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Thank You for coming Along as this was my 100th Flight for QVG.

Hope to see for another flight :)


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