[DEPARTED // DONE] 12AUG22 / 1800Z - Rogue Valley Flyout! @ KMFR

Hello inhabitants of IFC, it’s summer time in the Northern hemisphere, and I’d been scheming for awhile now on making my own event (something I wanted to try and do over the last 6 years I’ve been on this forum).

The location on where was straight forward, since I had come to the unanimous conclusion to house it at Medford Rogue Valley International Airport, an airport I am biased towards since it’s local to me. That and I don’t expect a huge turnout, so a smaller airport seems fine.

Source: @AIDAN101


Server: Expert Server

Airport: KMFR

Time: 1800 ZULU


I’m not going to be doing a gate assigning system, instead you’ll show up with whatever aircraft and route you chose, with a gate that (hopefully) fits. See the gate info thing below.

Gate Information To Base Your Flights Off Of
Do Note

Gate 5 and Gate 6F are the only ones that handle A319 and bigger. I suspect competition for who gets it. If there is high demand, once one user pushes back, then another can spawn in their place.

For reference, the largest aircraft we get regularly is the 737-900. There also aren’t scheduled international flights right now, even though “international airport” is in the airport name…

Alaska Horizon / Alaska Skywest
Gate 1B: Q400: Seattle KSEA or Portland KPDX (Alaska Horizon)
Gate 1C: Q400: Seattle KSEA or Portland KPDX (Alaska Horizon)
Gate 2: Q400: Seattle KSEA or Portland KPDX (Alaska Horizon)
Gate 3: E175: Los Angeles (Alaska Skywest)

Allegiant Air
Gate 5: A320: San Diego, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas

American Eagle
Gate 1A: CRJ7: Phoenix KPHX

Avelo Airlines
Gate 5: 737-800: Burbank
Gate 6F: 737-800: Burbank

Delta Connection (Skywest)
Gate 4: E175: Seattle KSEA or Salt Lake City KSLC

United Airlines / United Express (Skywest)

Gate 5: E175, 737-800 or 737-900: San Fransisco KSFO (737-900, -800, or E175) or Denver KDEN (737-800)

Gate 6B: CRJ-200: Los Angeles KLAX

Gate 6F: 737-800 or 737-900: San Fransisco KSFO (737-900, or -800) or Denver KDEN (737-800)

Another Do Note: Gates 6A-6E aren’t as utilized, and you can show up in any of the regional jet listings above. You may also be able to cram in a A319 or bigger in these gates, but I highly recommend against that due to the wings sticking off into other gates.


You can use any of the Cargo Aprons, and we get FedEx C208s and ATR 73s from Portland (you could always substitute the ATR for a generic Q400)

We also receive Ameriflight E120s, but we don’t have those in game.

-General Aviation-

It’s basically free range with GA. C172s, TBMs, SR22s, whatever, we got luxurious amounts of GA spots.

If you like, we have the only 737 BBJ in a several hundred mile radius (use Transient Parking 1 if you want it)


10-Tanker DC-10s run in and out of here during late July, and August to fight fires in Oregon and Northern California. You can spawn in the Cal Fire ramps, and taxi across the runway to this larger parking area, where the DC-10s park at (since there’s no spawns there)

USAF T-38s stop by here, but you can use an F-16 instead. I don’t know where they park, since they’re very elusive (the “T” in “T-38” must stand for elusive) and I can never seem to catch them.


Source: https://www.airport-data.com/airport/photo/000031.html

There’s only one operational runway, and that’s 32/14. It is expected runway 32 will be in use, but it’s too early to tell.

If you’d like to do some light reading, here’s some on the airport: Rogue Valley International–Medford Airport - Wikipedia

Airport Schematics

Source: https://www.airports-worldwide.com/img/w/mfr_-_faa_airport_diagram.gif


Again, the event will be held on Expert Server, at KMFR, with a start/push back time of 1800z.

ATC will be provided by:
Medford Ground:
Medford Tower:
Cascade Approach:
Cascade Departure:
Seattle Center:

If ATC cannot be had on event day, use Unicom appropriately.

A PM group chat thing will be made roughly a week prior that I’ll add those who register below as “going” or “interested” so that way I can kinda knock on your door every once in awhile to remind you this is coming.

I hope to see you there!

Fine Text

I am not to blame for any violations of any kind or other negative actions against your account.

It was very warm out when I made this, there’s probably some grammatical errors somewhere.

All gate information in the “Gate Information To Give You A Sense On Routes Options” thing is from flightradar24.

~This is my first fly-out event, if there’s any formatting issues or other errors with this topic let me know, but I think this is correct~


Was this meant to be a self note to add a picture?

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yeah, but I later thought it wasn’t necessary and I guess i forgot to take it out


As a small side note, the going/interest/notgoing poll thing seems to have some time confusion. 1800z for me is 11AM, and when I go to edit the poll thing it also says 11AM, but when I’m not editing it says 6PM my time.

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I’ll take this gate!


There isn’t gate assignments, but if you show up first you can have Gate 1A!

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Cool, thanks

This sounds awesome!

Only thing, your title says 1800Z but the topic says 1900 so which one is it? (not trying to sound like a mini mod lol, just wondering when it is 👌)

That there where it says the time would be a typo

and I have fixed it, and the start time is 1800z. As a side note the spot where you click the going/interested/notgoing buttons says it’s 7 hours later than it actually is.

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Event in 3 weeks / 21 days

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under 2 weeks to go

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just a little over a week out!

Could I do Tower and ground?

given that you have access to expert server ATC, you can most definitely have tower and ground

Oh this is expert… Sorry. I’m still training for IFATC

In that case… could I just take Avelo’s flight to BUR

There aren’t any reservations, it’s whoever shows up first with that flight and gate gets it

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