DEPARTED: Discover Asia: Bangkok to Kunming Group Flight!

how can u do on both airports ?

Welcome to the community! Thanks for joining!

Alright, thanks!

ATC is full! we need more people to fly!

I control Bangkok then once you guys approach Kunming I will control there. I’m not controlling two airports at the same time

OK, me I will to be atc FIR for you help

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Great! We need more people to fly with us!

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Thank you for joining Jason! See you there!!!

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@Haige0224 sorry to hear you’re not coming :(

Bump Event!

I wanna come!

Sure! Thanks for joining and hope to see you there!!!

No problem friend :)

Bumping this up!

Dont bump your event if you just bumped it hours ago

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I used to bump my events every couple days and realized that its bad. Try to bump your events every 5-7 days

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Guys I’m going to change this into Expert Server. @Prestoni and @Clement_Noel would you fly with us or no?

I can’t do atc on the expert server yet but I could fly with you

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Thank you! This was changed to expert because someone was running over us on purpose in my last event

I won’t be able to go do to me being in Training Server.

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