DEPARTED: Discover Asia: Bangkok to Kunming Group Flight!

Hello and welcome to another group flight hosted by @SamB777!!! It has been a while since the an event in Kunming, which is in August. Today, I’play be hosting a group flight from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand, to Kunming Changshui Airport, China. Kunming is also where @fuyanmingde lives :) This event will take place in 2023-12-30T13:00:00Z2023-12-30T15:10:00Z

Downtown Bangkok and Airport 🇹🇭

Downtown Kunming and Airport 🇨🇳

Event Details
Date and Time:2023-12-30T13:00:00Z2023-12-30T15:10:00Z

Origin: VTBS

Destination: ZPPP

Server: Expert

Flight Time: 02:00

Flight Plan: Please copy @SamB777’s flight plan

Cruising Altitude: 39,000 ft


Thai Airways B777-200ER

Bangkok Tower and Ground: @frxnzy
Kunming Tower and Ground: @frxnzy

Gate Assignments
No sign-ups required!!! Spawn at C01, C03, C05, C07, or C09 in Concourse C in Bangkok. After landing at Kunming, park at Terminal 1 Gate 105, 106, 107, or Apron Gate 312 and 313.


I will join it!


Thank you! :) See you in your home airport! :D


@SamB777 the event function says a different group flight


Changed it. Sorry. The event button wasn’t working for me so I just copied the link from one of my other events 😅

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I can maybe to be controller FIR if u want

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Sure, thanks

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Are you IFATC? Cause this is training server and you need to not be ifatc to control in training.

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I’m not sure if I could join. I’ll tell you if I can!

I’ll go! I love the 777!

Thanks for joining! Me too!

Alright, I hope I will see you there…

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yes i know

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So you’re gonna do Bangkok, Vietiane, and Kunming?

yes I had planned like that with more Yangon center, if not too many people are there of course otherwise it’s not manageable

I’m looking forward to it. See you then!

I’m down for it

@SamB777 I can do ATC


sure, for where?

Both airports