[Departed & Cruising] Los Angeles to Tokyo Haneda - Recording ~100345ZJAN20

                      Los Angeles to Tokyo Haneda (KLAX to RJTT) Recording
  • Aircraft and Livery: American B789 or B773ER, ANA B772 or B78X, United B772 or B78X, Delta B772

  • Route: KLAX to RJTT

  • Time of Departure: 2020-01-10T03:45:00Z

  • Server: Training

  • Duration: ~11 hours 45 minutes to 12 hours

  • Additional Information: This flight will be recorded and made into a timelapsed video in the style of PocketRishi, however, this won’t be a replay so you can see the UI (basically a mix of @PocketRishi and @NewZealand1Super).

Please let me know whether you will be joining! Will be glad to see you there :)

You all can copy my flight plan route as always. Logistics and flight plan information will be given in a PM.


@Imyash_Sharma, you had asked me to notify you of future events. Would you like to join?

@LeonardIF18, @Simon_Botero, and @Infinite_flight_play, would you all like to join?

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Im joining

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I will send you all information in a PM with the rest.

Anyone else who is interested?

Wish I could join but I can’t today

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We hope you can join next time :)

I will start flying on expert from next week onwards

How about me im not on expert yet btw one of my friend is coming

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I wont make the whole flight because tommorow around 10 im flying in real life from kjfk to faor a 14 hour flight i only can be in this flight for 7 to 8 hours

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@Pingu, want to join?

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Can you send the flight info plz?

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Sorry about that… Is it okay if we are delayed by 15 minutes? I got to do something quick!

Anyone else want to join? We are yet to depart.

@Infinite_flight_play, spawn at KLAX gate 150.

Hope you have a good flight to Tokyo! Sorry I won’t be able to join but I’ll be looking forward to the video! And please tag me in future events if you could

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Sure @PocketRishi! Will hope to soon :) I’ll notify you

Already into one hour of flying alone :(

But it’s being recorded, so you’ll get to some stuff at KLAX

@ran, sorry that was past my curfew, and since I have school tomorrow… :p

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Well, I couldn’t complete this flight because it was too slow for me…
I guess I’ll have to take it on expert next time and maybe next week or so. I’ll change to KSFO if possible.

Thanks for the info @ran, I guess I should start preparing myself mentally for the overload of information from ATC about ATIS.

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@Pingu, check our slack, I have some information posted.

This topic can be closed by ANY moderator (hahaha @Marc :)

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