[DEPARTED] Canada connected! @ CYVR 261130ZMAR20

Air Canada Flyout CYVR - CYYC

  • Aircraft and Livery: A330-300 or A319 in air Canada livery

  • Route: will be posted before the flight

  • Time of Departure: 2020-03-26T23:30:00Z

Flight time: estimated 1.5 hours

  • Server: Expert

  • Additional Information:

You can choose between A330-300

Or A319

All infinite flight photos are by me

You mean A321? There is no Air Canada A320.

I meant the A319 sorry!

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Would you like to join

I’ll swing by.

Alright go into AC Hnagar 02 at Vancouver

New signup! @Starz

We can spawn and start pushing back

Copy my flight plan ACA104 is my callsign

Where did you go?

Tower gave me late clearance

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