[DEPARTED] Big Boston Flyout!

We will begin departing when ATC is present

Spawning in right now

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somebody is spawned in at c21 imma just have to switch gates

You can take any C gate, that’s fine

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ATC is now active!

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All departures are now accepted! Let’s have a great time

Wait I’m spawning in did I miss it

Are we using runway 9 or 4L?

Nope! Spawn in now

Thought 9 for departure? With specific taxi instructions?

Actually I just got instructions for 9

That’s weird because I’m in C20

@United403 you can approve the 747

Okay Roger that

Am I late @Butter575

No you aren’t. Spawn in

Well I can’t make it

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My game crashed! Amazing flyout Butter!


Sorry you can’t make it

Positive rate gear up

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