[DEPARTED] Big Boston Flyout!

@Butter575 and @United403 know how to manage a fly out! Great stuff y’all!

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And Boston ATC is officially Closed!! I wish a safe flight to everyone including my self

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Thanks for the atc!!!

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I rolled up unannounced in the spur of the moment, but this looked like a nice event here, with a fair amount of traffic

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Tha is for making one of my home town airports busy again


Make sure to sign up for my events!! And thank Butter575 for hosting

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Make sure to check out my event and the other 6

@Butter575 is an event creator master to put it simply

Event Announcement

Thank you everyone for coming! This has been one of my best flyouts ever. Thank you @United403 for the ATC and I hope everyone has a safe flight. Hope to see @here at all my upcoming events!

Are u gonna post pictures of the event?

I most likely will. Why?

Just to be able to see highlights of the event!!

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No body is currently there

A lot of us already flew out

I’m still at the gate in Logan airport

We all basically departed

Most of us already left BOS

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And I’m going around in Dulles because of an unstable approach

Just depart and heading to Canada 🇨🇦