[Departed!] Bahamas/Nassau Flyout!

I will post in a few!

haha thanks :)

I just posted

just landed at mco. thanks for the flyout @Butter575 !!

Also just a reminder to everyone flying to the US. Nassau has a preclearance so your passengers do not need to go customs. Use that info as you will

Picture time!

Sorry guys I had to leave

You were flying to DFW right?

Landed in Orlando, 56 mins flight time. 1:42 total if you count the inbound flight to Nassau.

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That’s nice.

No to KPHL

Just landed at ATL! Thanks for making my final event of my summer subscription so enjoyable!!

Welp no lucky river visual for me :( The winds changed so I’m basically landing on 01 instead of 19 but that’s fine.


I land in Philly in 10 minutes

I land at JFK in 35. I changed to a longer approach.

Your about to go right over me

No I’m not lol

I’m now at 4,000ft inbound ILS runway 01 @ DCA

Out of the 22 that tookoff today only 14 have landed or are still flying with the intention of landing and haven’t left mid-flight.

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That’s great!