[Departed!] Bahamas/Nassau Flyout!

I’ll absolutely be there

I’ll check my schedule.

There is also another one on Saturday

Butter575… Could I promote my event here if that’s alright with you

Of course!

Here is another event!!
In beautiful salt lake city Utah

Well my BFF @United403 id going there and I don’t have too long and it’s like 20 minutes shorter

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Fair enough

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I’m unable to attend this is during my 2-4 period

Are you a JB E190?

I am a Delta Boeing 737-900 as you can tell by my username lol

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Oh wait I see you going 219 ias at FL350

Yup that is me.

I have exactly 2hrs left.

I might have to end my flight 😭😭😭 I have school tomorrow and it’s already 9 pm my time

@Butter575 Thank you for the amazing event with beautiful views!

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Thank you Nassau was such a great idea @Butter575 !

Everyone reply to this when you land and tell us where you have just landed and how long your flight was under flight time!

Just ended my flight after 30 minutes I have to sleep now

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I thought I had the longest flight but dang @Planecrazy747 cheers to you man!