[Departed!] Bahamas/Nassau Flyout!

Welcome to the Nassau/Bahamas flyout hosted by @AmericanB772 and @Butter575! This event will take place on the TRAINING server on August 9th! We hope to get a lot of signups and we hope you can join us!

A Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
A01 American 737-800 Dallas @Swiss1177
A02 American 737-800 Regan @corgi_doodle_YT
A03 American 737-800 Philadelphia @AmericanB772
A09 Caribbean 737-800 Kingston @OwenAviation731
A10 American 737-800 Miami @TTF_Aviation
A11 Southwest 737-700 Fort Lauderdale @Csnake
A12 JetBlue A320 Fort Lauderdale @NvAviator
A13 Air Canada A220 Toronto @Danny_Bar2.0
A14 Frontier A320 Orlando @Will_W
A15 Western Airlines (Generic) CRJ9 South Bimini @Javaro_Davis
B gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
B18 JetBlue E190 Fort Lauderdale @AirCanada11
B19 JetBlue A320 New York @Tom_Jennings
B20 Copa Airlines 737-800 Panama City @IFA_YT
B21 American 737-800 Miami @Jayden_Castillo
B22 British Airways 777-200 London @Planecrazy747
B27 British Airways 777-200 Miami @whatsup
B28 Westjet 737-700 Toronto @Jack_Dh
B29 Air Canada Rouge A319 Montreal @Brady_Freeman
B30 Delta B757-200 Atlanta @Ty_Davis
C gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
C40 United A320 Washington @Metro_Aviation
C41 American 737-800 Charlotte @AVGIRLCZ
C42 United A320 Chicago @Nov2020
C43 Frontier A320 Orlando @axquaxtic
C44 Frontier A320 Miami @Aviation_Jerry
C45 Delta 757-200 Atlanta @Bay_Area_Aviation
C46 Delta 737-900 New York @DeltaStan
C51 JetBlue E190 Orlando @RagonDragon
C52 JetBlue A321 New York @Avaitor1
C57 American A321 Philadelphia @United403
C58 American 737-800 Philadelphia @VVESM4N
C59 American 737-800 Miami @Carlos_J
R Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
R06 American A320 Austin @hans_heavy
R07 American A321 Chicago @Rodrigo_Villalobos
R08 American A320 La Guardia @Matt_the_pilot24
R09 United A320 Cleveland @Captain_ATK
R10 United A320 Denver @the_ding
R11 Delta 737-900 Atlanta @TTF_Aviation
R12 Southwest 737-700 Baltimore
Cargo Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
Ramp 01 Fedex C208 Miami
Ramp 02 Fedex C208 Fort Lauderdale
Ramp 03 Fedex C208 Boca Raton
Ramp 04 DHL C208 San Juan
Ramp 05 DHL C208 Miami

Ground: @Butter575
Tower: @Butter575
Approach: @Aviation_Jerry
Departure: @Aviation_Jerry
Center: @Abhik_Mallik

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Could I have the pleasure to be the first sign up and take AA flight to Philadelphia

Of course, you are signed up!

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As the second signup I will like to fly on the jetblue E190

But can I change the route to fort lauradale

Yes! You are signed up

I don’t see any Caribbean Airlines flight. The airline still flying from Nassau to Trinidad.

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Thank You @Butter575

Can I take this one?

This please

Ok. Thank for the info.

@Carlos_J and @Avaitor1 you guys are signed up!


Thank you!

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Thanks so much

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Of course!

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Can I fly a United A320 to Newark please

You are signed up!

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I’ll help with these @Butter575

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Thank you for helping with ATC! You are signed up


No problem @Butter575 Anything to help out a fellow friend