[Departed]Aruba FlyOut @TNCA

sorry to here that

coming right up on the 800

Thank you!

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Would it be ok if this event switched to Expert Server

  • Yes
  • No

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thank you for atc help

Poll will close in 48 hours!

Lets get some more sing ups

Please press going if you are signed up

can I change to this

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of course
hope we get some more sign ups

Attention this event is moving to expert in order to get more attention


Lets Keep filling the amazing Island!

please mark going if you can still attend with the server switch

I have been summoned to this event🕵️

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thank you so much for signing up!!!

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Event Bump

I’ll take this

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Got it, thanks for signing up

lets get some more signups

Is it possible that I can get a flight to FLL

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