[Departed]Aruba FlyOut @TNCA

Lets keep filling Aruba

Bumping this

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Gate 1. Amsterdam(EHAM) KLM 777-300

I want to request this gate please:)

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I’ll take this svp

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Coming up for both of you
thanks for singing up


Event Bump

Lets fill up ARUBA to the MAX

Event Bump

I’ll do your departure atc if needed still.

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Can I take this but with a 737-800? I flew this route Irl in 2016 on an -800 but i can also do a -900 if you want

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I am sorry but I won’t be able to attend unfortunately, I will be in Maui.

sorry to here that

coming right up on the 800

Thank you!

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Would it be ok if this event switched to Expert Server

  • Yes
  • No

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thank you for atc help

Poll will close in 48 hours!

Lets get some more sing ups

Please press going if you are signed up

can I change to this

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