DEPARTED Ankara fly out/in

Basic event rules

Summary: Hello Everyone, I have finally reached TL2 and have been wanting to do this event for a while, The Ankara Fly out\in the Turkish Republic turns 100 years old on October 29th this year and what a better way to celebrate than making a fly out/in in the countries capital Ankara! Ankara is the Capital since 1922 during the war of independence Mustafa Kemal Atatürk made Ankara the capital and after 99 years and a lot of expansions to the airport now it is the hub for Turkish low cost carrier Anadolujet!

Gate Assignments: There will be no gate assignments for this event however for realistic routes please use this website: Direct flights from Ankara (ESB) - FlightConnections

Please note that in the website flights that are listed as Turkish Airlines are operated by Anadolujet!

Server: Expert

Thank you to everyone who provides ATC for this event:

Ground @safiyurrahman1

Tower @ safiyurrahman1

ATIS @ safiyurrahman1




Time: 2023-10-29T17:00:00Z2023-10-29T18:00:00Z

Notams for this Event
I am not responsible for any violations

Please be considerate for other pilots

Have fun!

This is my first event sorry for any mistakes I made

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Going ! !!

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Ankara to Bucharest pls !

You can do any flight at any gate as long as it’s a real route thanks for attending! Edit: seems that this route doesn’t exist however you can fly to Belgrade or have a connecting flight trough Istanbul

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Ok! But you need ATC !

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Yes I know, I’m still waiting for volunteers in a few days I’m gonna bump the event

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Bump Event

21 days left!

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Let’s go !!

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Hi! Do you know any widebodies that comes to Ankara? I’ll be willing to fly that!

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The wide bodies that fly to Ankara are:
Saudia A333 from Jeddah and Medina
Turkish airlines B777 or A333 from Istanbul
Well unfortunately these are the only wide body aircraft flying to Ankara but there are more destinations with narrow bodies like Qatar A320 from Hamad intl. Anadolujet B738 to/from London stansed, happy to see you at this event!

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I’ll fly the Turkish 777 from Istanbul!

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Good choice! Glad to see you at this event!

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Small little bump (5 Days left!)

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@Butter575 would like the ATC slots because there is 6 hours left and still no atc, sorry for the bother!

I can take ground, tower and ATIS ATC if you want!

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Of course your signed up!

Event looks interesting, but sadly can’t attend. Sorry!

No problem! See you in another event later!

Yeah, for sure! I’d be happy to attend another one.

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