[DEPARTED, 80+ ATTENDING] Mile High Fly High @ KDEN - 231900ZFEB19 {Sponsored by Plane & Pilot, United Virtual AND Southwest Virtual}

Lol, thanks. This is a long server restart. 10 minutes.

Anybody else’ server down for some reason?

Yes :) Check here:

If you did not see earlier, they announced the live server will be reset

Yeah…mine’s not up yet.

Adding on to what @Moonlit said above:

Ah i guess i missed the server down announcement while i was eating lmao

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Ground ops are never a problem for me, aside from when I get assigned a runway that would force me to cross the NTZ to get to my destination, a runway too short for my aircraft, or a runway without a SID.

PM @Thomas_G about this, I’m sure he’ll be happy to explain 🙂edit: ignore this 👈🏼

I don’t remember your situation exactly. But the important thing is, we all got out :)

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But there has to be an exception with DCA as 15 isn’t used for landings and 04-22 is closed.

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That would be approach, I don’t have the ability to vector when on tower frequency :) Will be happy though to discuss with anyone 🙂

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15 isn’t used for landings due to an obstacle (downtown arlington) in front of the runway

My live server doesnt seem to connect for some weird reason

Well 15 is used for landings and takeoffs, but nothing larger than an E190 can takeoff from that runway.

An A319 can, and does. Hourly.

It’s being reset

@TwinsRock88 was departure

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Yep, just realised. Edited my post above to reflect that 🙂

Why is the restart taking 17+ minutes?


Seb is trying to fix the issue. Hold tight!