{Departed! 75+ Attending!}The Golden Gate Flyout! @ KSFO - 041900ZMAY19

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Make sure to join the event!

Many gates left

Also, should I add Cargo gates ?

  • Yes, I should add cargo
  • No, I should not add Cargo
  • Meh, do not really care

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I’ll take Gate 20 to KSAN SWA1728 Desert Gold

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See you there.

This event is now part of the Southwest Virtual Event Schedule!

Airline: Alaska
Aircraft: A320
Destination: KJFK
Callsign: ASVA052

Looking forward to this nice event! @BigBert10 probably hates you now lol


He even PMed me if I wanted to join XD


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See you there.

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Can I change my destination to KMSY?

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This event is now part of the United Virtual Event Schedule!


can i have 787 of Japan Airlines to Haneda. JAL 826

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Japan does not fly their 787s here! So can I get you to use the 772 instead since it is closest to the 77W they use? I will put you down for that right now, but tell me if you really want to use that instead!

I have now added you with the 772 for JAL @ItzAviaUk

Sign up now!

Still lots of time left to sign up!

I’ll take gate 64.

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Do you have a destination in mind ?

United Virtual Airline is proud to be a part of this event!

I’ll Take Gate 80 - United 787-9 - Hong Kong - UVAL034




Glad to have you in this event, but gate 80 is used for United Domestic departures only. Can I add you in the International Terminal Concourse G gates instead ?


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Yes. That is great. Thanks.

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@Jshnlsn I have added you to the event! See you there!

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