[Departed] 30DEC2022 | 747 Retirement Flyout | KSEA

yeah sure.

Can i get the flight to Louisville

May I have this gate please

I will take this gate S11 klm to EHAM Amsterdam please 🙂

Callsign KLM 6032

@Qatari777YT @Avaitor1 @XXTHUNDERDOMEXX , got you all signed up. Thanks so much for joining!

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Good Morning,
I will join flying the above route if able too
My Callsign will be LUFTHANSA 491
Thank you

Can i get this one pls?

can you put me down in a -8 by UPS going to KSFO?

Shall i take the approach and departure ATC?

Thats up to you. If you want to do Appr/Dep then I’ll sign you up.

@C_Buckett @Ishaan380 @Helzluis got your names down, thanks for taking part!


I will take it up.

Cool, thanks for joining

What time are we meeting up. I’ll load on at 1930Z

In about 1h30mins from now. Start spawning I’m at around 1945Z/1445EST.

If u need atc tower tag me

i’m currently inbound and have 1 hour remaining, i hope i’ll make it in time, but otherwise i’ll be the landing farwell to the 747 xD

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I can’t come anymore sorry

I will still be attending

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@Etron you know I’m supposed to be ATC right?

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