[Departed] 30DEC2022 | 747 Retirement Flyout | KSEA


Welcome to Seattle!

Seattle is home to the most successful aircraft manufacturer of all time. Boeing. Boeing has made many iconic planes over the decades but the most iconic and most beautiful of them all is clearly the 747 family. Sadly, on the 6th of December of 2022, the last 747 to ever be built was rolled off the line and shipped to Atlas Air. It’s a shame to see this beauty end production after so many years and I think we should honor it.

I know this event was published kind of short notice but I hope we can get enough 747 fanboys (like myself) and cultured avgeeks alike to get together and do a proper 747 send off.

This event will contain all the most famous 747 models and liveries as well as large operators. And for the non 747 fanboys (if those exist), I will add a few regular flights to the event as well.

I was originally going to host the event at Boeing Field (KBFI) however they do not have many stands that can hold the 747. So I moved to Sea-Tac (KSEA) since its still in Seattle but has a few more 747-sized gates. If the event is popular enough, I might move airports again to an even larger airport if necessary.

Flight Information:
When: 30th December, 2022 at 2000Z
Where: KSEA
Server: Training Server

Gates and ATC are available below:

747 Passenger Gates
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Aircraft Pilot Callsign
Gate A12A Beijing(ZBAA) Air China B747-8 @AviatorChina
Gate A13A San Francisco(KSFO) United B747-400 @Bay_Area_Aviation
Gate S1 Frankfurt(EDDF) Lufthansa B747-8 @C_Buckett Lufthansa 491 Heavy
Gate S2A London-Gatwick(EGKK) British Airways B747-400 @Ben_Walsh
Gate S3A Hong Kong(VHHH) Cathay Pacific B747-400
Gate S5 Seoul(RKSI) Korean B747-8
Gate S8 Toronto(CYYZ) Air Canada B747-200 @JMacMcD Air Canada 540 Heavy
Gate S9 New York(KJFK) Pan Am B747-200 @Avaitor1
Gate S10 Sydney(YSSY) Qantas B747-400 @Ishaan380
Gate S11 Amsterdam(EHAM) KLM B747-400 @XXTHUNDERDOMEXX KLM 6032 Heavy
Gate S12 Dubai(OMDB) BBJ B747-8
Gate S15 Minneapolis(KMSP) Northwest Airlines B747-200
Gate S16 Miami(KMIA) EAA 50th B747-200
747 Cargo Stands
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Aircraft Pilot Callsign
Cargo Ramp 2 Stand 1 Louisville(KSDF) UPS B747-8F @Qatari777YT
Cargo Ramp 2 Stand 2 Chicago(KORD) Boeing Freight B747-8F
Cargo Ramp 2 Stand 3R Kansas City(KMCI) Seattle Seahawks B747-8F @anon38552190
Cargo Ramp 2 Stand 5R Houston(KIAH) NASA B747-SOFIA
Cargo Ramp 2 Stand 6 Luxembourg(ELLX) Cargolux B747-8F
Cargo Ramp 1 Stand 1 Anchorage(PANC) UPS B747-8F @Generic_Flyer
Cargo Ramp 1 Stand 2 Tokyo-Narita(RJAA) Nippon Cargo B747-8F
Cargo Ramp 1 Stand 3 Moscow-Sheremetyevo(UUEE) Air Bridge Cargo B747-8F
United Maintenance Apron Stand 3 Melbourne Florida(KMLB) NASA B747-SCA
Cargo Ramp 5 Stand 4 San Francisco(KSFO) UPS B747-8F @Helzluis
Cargo Ramp 5 Stand 7A Available
Cargo Ramp 6 Stand 1 Available
Cargo Ramp 6 Stand 2 Available
Delta Ramp Cargo Andrews AFB(KADW) USAF VC-25 Air Force 1
Terminal Gates
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Aircraft Pilot Callsign
Gate A1 Portland(KPDX) Alaska Airlines(Horizon Air) Q400
Gate A2 Vancouver(CYVR) Delta E175
Gate A3 Vancouver(CYVR) Alaska Airlines E175
Gate A4 Vancouver(CYVR) Air Canada Jazz Q400
Gate A5 Boston(KBOS) jetBlue A321
Gate A6 Los Angeles(KLAX) American Airlines E175
Gate A7 Los Angeles(KLAX) Delta B737-900
Gate A8 Los Angeles(KLAX) Alaska Airlines A320
Gate A9 Las Vegas(KLAS) Spirit A321
Gate A10 Boise(KBOI) Alaska Airlines(Virgin Livery) B737-900
Gate A12 Sacramento Southwest B737-800
Gate A13R Denver(KDEN) Frontier A321
Gate A14 Calgary(CYYC) Westjet Q400

Ground: @Butter575
Tower: @Butter575
Approach: @Einstein
Departure: @Einstein
Seattle Center:
Vancouver Center:


  • I am not responsible for violations
  • Follow ATC instructions
  • If there is no ATC, use the Unicom correctly
  • No pattern work
  • Act professional
  • Have Fun!
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I will take this one

cool, thanks for joining!

ok, I’ll get you signed up. You don’t want that BA 400? Its still going to London lol

what livery will you use?

Just the beoing factory blue one for the passenger-800

I’ll take these

ok, got you down

thank you man!

This please!

I’ll sign you right up

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I’ll take this one plz! Also is there any chance we can change this to a United 747 since SFO is a United hub?

yeah sure np

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Ok thanks!

Flying to MCI pls

Air China 747-8 inbound for Beijing pls

@anon38552190 @AviatorChina , got you both down. Thanks for joining!


Lets get some more sign ups! Lets have a good send off for the queen of the skies!

Can you change my aircraft to the 747-400 in British Airways livery