[DEPARTED] 28JAN2023 | Auckland Flyout | NZAA

Gate 24 domestic please!

Call sign Air New Zealand 26 heavy

Callsign is Jetstar 403

Call sign New Zealand 115

Done, done, done, and done

@UALPilot @AmericanB772 @Ryan_15 @XXTHUNDERDOMEXX @NathanPreuss @N889FQ @AviationAlpha @I_Ride_Southwest @United403 @Growler08

I will be moving the event forward/earlier by 30 mins. I hope that is ok and I hope everyone can still make it


I will have to see If I can still go, because I have a flight from Quebec to Cancun

I guess thats due to my Quebec flyout lol. If you cruise at a decent speed and be the first to leave. You should be able to just make it.

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I will try my best the good thing is I’m in a A330 so it will be a bit quicker

I hope I can see you at both events

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No problem !

Something just came up and I wont be able to go. Sorry :(

nw, see you around!

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I’ll take this

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idk if thats going to work out. Because Center should be on for a while. Not just for the first 10-15 mins. And by then, everyone else would be gone

Sorry but I can no longer attend.

no problem

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can i switch to this

yeah sure

Unfortunately I can’t go anymore sorry

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