[DEPARTED] 26MAR2023 | Key West Flyout | KEYW

AEVA 137VA. Thank you

Could I be East Ga 01

sure thing

Can I change to this since @Avaitor1 is suspended?

well he may be suspended at the moment. 1. he can still show up on Infinite Flight. 2. He may be unsuspended by the time this event happens

He’s suspended for almost 2 years. Something tells me he won’t be coming back for awhile.

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Refreshing the event

Can I grab this?


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I’ll take this porfavor!

no problemo

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remove him from this please he is banned for a very very very long time

He can still fly though…

There is no way to communicate with him tho

it doesn’t mean he won’t show up.


I mean you still showed up when you were suspended.


Cannot attend sorry.

no worries