[DEPARTED] 25MAR2023 | The Capital Flyout | CYOW

Im very sorry I was actually a idiot and forgot I was doing the obare fly out, so sorry I can’t attend

@JMacMcd Please remove me. i unfortunately cant join

RIP, ok no problem

Could i swap to ground and tower ATC pls?

if you’d like, sure

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thank youu ))

Gate 21 Victoria(CYYJ) Flair Airlines B737-800 4:50

Can I get this with the -900 please. Thanks :)

@AviationAlpha @I_Ride_Southwest got you both down

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Tower and ground will be open around 30 mins prior to event.

@JMacMcd pls let me know if you have planned which runaways we will be using


Currently looks like the wind favours Runway 07. And 14 will be for heavies.

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perfectt. let me know if any changes pls okayy. )

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I know it’s very late, but can I do Toronto, Montreal, and Boston center?

not late at all lol. of course, I’ll sign you up.

is it possible for one controller to do 3 centers?

Can you sign me up for Orlando please? I’d love to fly that flight.

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I’m excited, I’ll try to get some good


What time are we spawning in?

Ground and tower is active

2pm spawn, whoever asked. I checked ForeFlight, and for those who want to know: scattered clouds at 10,000 feet, and here are some wind data maps at different altitudes. (It says

flight levels on top right)