(DEPARTED) 25AUG22 Las Vegas, NV Flyout @KLAS

Already @AirCanada11

Your sign up have a great day

Let’s get some more sign up more gates are open

Let’s get some sign ups in here

You should make it expert, maybe more people will join!

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Ok @CaptainAli_yt

But it would my lovely if you sign up

this has a expert tag though

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I know I for got

There you go fixed it

Hey I cant fly so if someone wants my route they can have it

I’m sorry @AirCanada11

I cant cause I dont have expert yet

It’s back in training server

O ok then I can join

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Try to get the guys to join this event

Can I do a spirit airlines A321 to KDTW please

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You got it

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Thank you! Btw I love the Midwest!

Your signed up

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