(DEPARTED) 25AUG22 Las Vegas, NV Flyout @KLAS

Landed! (10C)

Thanks for hosting @Aviation_Jerry!
I’ll be landing on 1L in about 15min!

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I’m Glad @Alaska_321 i hope you also Enjoyed your flight to :)

Also Everyone I’m trying to fly across The US From pensacola Florida To Las Vegas Nevada come join me on Saturday :) Blue Angels Run to Las Vegas

Is ATC on at KLAS? @Aviation_Jerry

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Let me check

Yes ground is online at KLAS

Ok! I thought there was Approach, Departure, Ground, and Tower?

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Oh well I thought so too


Some random f22

Oh I bet it was @MR.FOXY09

Spawning back into KLAS ATC

Some f18 is tailing me. HELP ME PLS

NVM it’s active

Oh well people in training act like that

the f18 just flew into my tail

They should add 3d to the hotels on the strip.

Yeah they should

Thx man ill see you in Cabo!