(DEPARTED) 25AUG22 Las Vegas, NV Flyout @KLAS

i am en route to the runway

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i am viper244VA @Avaitor1

Just departed from KLAS as Southwest 1157

i am here (1010)

coms going dark 244 out @Avaitor1

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have a good flight, 244 out @Avaitor1

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I hope y’all are enjoying the event


departed 14 mins ago straight to JFK in a220

There was a troller

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Alaska 686 pushing back!

Who was it?

Just landed fed in LAX

Awesome I hope everyone is enjoying this is my first time hosting an event in a long time

Almost landing in KSFO had to go around.

Oh well that’s happened your also can go around

Oh next time make sure to get clearance to enter the runway!! 👌👌

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well you did a good job bro

Wdym mate 😅😅

How was ATC @Aviation_Jerry

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Thank y’all for the support everyone I hope you enjoyed your flights you all can sign up for my other events

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